Actimove GenuStep Hinged Knee Brace

Actimove GenuStep Knee Support

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The Actimove GenuStep is a breathable, neoprene-free and non-slip wrap-around knee brace with polycentric hinges providing stabilization of the knee for an enhanced feeling of comfort and safety. Latex-Free. Color = Black. See sizing chart below.

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- Painful fonarthrosis
- Minor joint instability of the knee joint
- Slight collateral ligament instability
- Meniscal injuries

Contra Indications
- Unstable fractures
- Fractures of the lower leg
- Unstable knee requiring surgery
- Complicated multi-directional knee injuries
- Posterolateral corner injuries
- Severe knee or patellar arthritis

Features & Benefits
- Low profile, light weight
- Adapts well to body contours
- Can be worn under clothes
- Does not infringe natural movements
- Compression Level 23-32 mmHG
- Activates proprioception
- Helps to reduce edema
- Front wrap closure is easy to apply and is ideal for swollen and injured knees
- Advanced counter strap system reduces rotation of brace and provides a snug fit
- Lower elastic strap adapts to the individual movements of the calf muscle and provides optimal fixation against slippage
- Upper wide and diagonal straps attach to hinge cover providing a more secure fir of polycentric hinges
- Polycentric aluminim hinges imitate the knee joint moving center of rotation, have full flexion with limited extension, edial and lateral stability, help prevent migration, can be molded and also removed for washing.
- Rectangular open space in popliteal area provides better comfort compares to circular openings - material does not bunch when knee is flexed.
- Porous surface of the brace allows for higher air and water permeability for hot climates and feels cooler for less perspiration. 

Actimove GenuStep Sizing