Actimove TaloMotion Ankle Support Fitting

Actimove TaloMotion Ankle Support

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The advanced knitting structure of the Actimove TaloMotion Ankle Support combines optimal therapeutic compression and stability with comfort and breathability. It promotes improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow, reducing local edemas and swelling for better pain relief.

Available in Right or Left orientation, as well as White or Charcoal color. See sizing chart below.

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- Postoperative or posttraumatic irritation
- Joint effusions and swelling
- Arthrosis and arthritis
- Tendomyopathies
- Slight ligamental instabilities

- Optimal gradient compression promotes the healing process
- Anatomically shaped inserts for targeted pressure and pain relief
- Improved stability for maximum safety while moving the ankle

- Specially designed heel area for enhanced stability
- Pressure-free cuffs eliminate constriction
- Highly breathable and moisture absorbent fabric for dry, perspiration-free skin
- Seamless terry cloth liner for cotton-like softness and maximum comfort
- 3D anatomic fit for enduring comfort and strong support

- Dynamic helix design communicating flexibility and function
- Easy to understand how to position the bandage
- Attractive colour selection promotes patient compliance

Actimove TaloMotion Ankle Support Sizing