Actimove ManuMotion Wrist Support 73497

Actimove ManuMotion Wrist Support

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The advanced knitted structure of the Actimove ManuMotion Wrist Support combines targeted compression, reliable wrist stabilization, and high wearing comfort to support pain relief. Features an anatomically shaped dorsal pressure pad, a moldable volar thermoplastic stay and an additional circular wrist strap. Latex-Free.

Available in Right or Left orientation, as well as White or Charcoal color. See sizing chart below.

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- Arthrosis
- Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
- Tendovaginitis
- Tendomyopathy
- Tendopathy
- Post-OP tissue injuries
- Post-OP surgical
- Irritations of soft tissue
- Contusion
- Distorsion

- Advanced gradient compression for the reduction of edema and swelling
- Anatomically shaped dorsal pressure pad for targeted pressure to support pain relief
- Anatomically shaped thermoplastic stay on the volar side of the hand for extra stabilisation and additional comfort
- Removable inelastic wrist strap for additional, individually adjustable stabilisation
- Improved stability for maximum safety while moving the hand

- Motion Comfort Zone in the thumb opening area prevents wrinkling and bunching and provides high elasticity
- Highly breathable, moisture absorbent fabric for almost dry, perspiration-free skin
- Seamless terry cloth liner for cotton-like softness and maximum comfort
- Anatomical shape simulates the anatomy of the wrist for a perfect fit and easy application
- Actimove ManuMotion is machine washable for easy patient hygiene

- Overall design communicates comfort, stability and functionality
- Visual features make it easy to position the support correctly
- Attractive color selection suits the patient‘s active lifestyle

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