Longevity Plastic Cupping Set

Longevity Plastic Cupping Therapy Set

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Enhance your Cupping Therapy craft with this Longevity Plastic Cupping Set. This set supplies you with a wide variety of cup sizes and styles, with the largest at 2.5” dia and the smallest at 0.7” dia.

Set comes with (16) cups of various sizes (see details below), pistol-grip hand pump, 18” plastic extension tube, booklet, and black nylon carrying case.

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The cups are fully transparent, shock and heat resistant, and easily sterilized in boiling water. Additional sizes and replacement cups available for purchase separately.

Cuping set includes:
(4) cups 2.5” dia
(8) cups 2.1” dia
(1) cup 1.6” dia
(1) cup 1.3” dia
(1) cup 0.9” dia
(1) cup 0.7” dia