tg Soft Tubular Bandage

tg Soft Tubular Bandage, Size Medium (1/box)

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This high-stretch terry cloth tubular bandage is uncomplicated and practical to use. tg Soft's flexibility allows it to conform to any body contour.

Size Medium fits lower leg and arm.

Individually packaged in a cardboard box.

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The tg Tubular Padding Bandage is a secure and rapid padding solution for large and small casts. It is especially well suited for use in focused immobilization. The soft, elastic tubular terry cloth padding adheres to the cast thus making for easy application of the casting tape for a custom fit. Especially well suited for use as the first layer in Lymphedema bandaging to provide light padding and skin protection.

The fine-gauge knitted tubular bandage is designed to be used for undercast padding and it retains its protective function the whole time it is worn. Its soft material makes for excellent wearing comfort.

85% cotton (unbleached), 15% elastane.