TG Tubular Bandage Size 1 (1.4cm x 20m) 1/box

TG Tubular Bandage Size 1 (1.4cm x 20m) 1/box

SKU: LR24000

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tg Tubular Bandage Size 1 (1.4cm) for finger and toe. 20m roll.

Individually packaged in a cardboard box.

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Ideal as the first layer next to the skin in multi-layer compression bandaging. Lightweight and breathable, the absorbent close-meshed, seamlessly knitted tubular bandage does not slip but remains firmly in position without cutting in. tg Tubular Bandage stretches width-wise approximately four times its original width and by pulling lengthwise can be narrowed down again. Conforms comfortably to body contours, thus provides crease-free application. tg Tubular Bandage is also useful for enclosing foam padding structures, securing dressings or over zinc paste bandages.